Born in Mexico City he started practicing still photography at age 16. His film set debut was as the camera trainee on the film Like Water for Chocolate. He finished his MFA in cinematography at the American Film Institute where he graduated with the short film Ex-Voto which won Best Opera Prima at the San Antonio film Festival in '97 and Best Artistic Composition at the Belgium Draak Film Festival in '98.

Reynoso has shot more than 15 feature and many hours of episodic TV. In the music video years he worked
with the likes of Café Tacvba, Juanes & Kenny Rogers.

Curandero, a Miramax feature written and produced by Robert Rodriguez, won him Best Cinematographyat the
2006 San Antonio Cinefestival.
Cansada de Besar Sapos was nominated for the Gabriel Figueroa award in 2007.
Tlatelolco, summer of ’68 won Best Feature film at the Chicago International Latino Film Festival in 2013.
A Cambodian Winter won Best feature cinematography on the 2020 New York Cinematography Awards.

Most recently, he shot Bloodline for Netflix (Sissy Spacek, Ben Mendelsohn & Kyle Chandler,) and Ballers
(Dwayne Johnson & JD Washington)
for HBO, Shooter (Ryan Phillipe, Omar Epps) for USA -for which he directed 3 episodes- and John Leguizamo’s
Latin History for Morons as well as Gael García Bernal’s Here on Earth.

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